plant testing


The plant testing is a method executed by ProfessorRoeland Samson from Antwerp University to monitor the level of pollution in Ivy plant. The research is conducted by the use of a magnetic method (SIRM, Saturation Isothermal Retentive Magnetization).



This test gives an idea of the amount offerromagnetic particles deposited on the leaves.The aim is to give to the residents a precised visualization of the levels of pollution in the city.


– In the station we had the presence of a scientific team with its own lab equipment, to test the amount of pollution in the plants and ground.
–  We made a open call to Gent residents:
Visitors are invited to bring leaves from  plants from their garden, road or neighborhood to the Urban Clinic, and with the expertise of a scientific team  which in the case of Gent was guided by Professor Roeland Samson from the university of Antwerp, we will give insight into the air quality in urban environments. In this manner, we can  research the amount of pollutants in the air and define the air quality state of the city and its surroundings.
–  upon the results, university of Antwerp researchers have designed a map where the residents can visualize the levels of pollution in their neighborhood.
–  According to each case in the neighborhood we design strategies to restore the earth and air in the neighborhood.

Research: Air Quality in Gent: MAP RESULTS

new map

Assessing the spatial distribution of mainly traffic-related pollution in the city of Ghent, on the basis of ivy plants

Magnetic SIRM-based monitoring of tree leaves.
With this method, an idea is obtained of the amount of magnetizable particles which have been deposited on the leaves.

Plant research:
260 samples of Ivory Plant
The plants were collected by  Gent residents from their  home ( in the street or  garden),  neighborhood park and playground of their children.

The magnetizable particles are mainly from traffic-related pollution (fine dust) influenced by fuel or industry,  burning of fossil fuels, and vehicle wear off and wear of brake discs, and thus give an estimate of the traffic load.

Scientific team from University of Antwerp:

Coordinator Roeland Samson

Phd researchers: Ana Castanheiro and Verhelst Jolien

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