In the City of Gent:

Maria Lucia Cruz Correia is the founder and coordinator of urban action clinic. She is a performer artist, working mostly in public space. Correia’s artwork is characterized by environmental awareness, often involving collaborations with professionals out side of art circles, most notably scientists and activists. The attempt to change takes center stage in her work: in her search for utopian healing, she proposes interventions that merge clinical questions about human condition and solutions to remediate pollution . Thus she enhances the problematic of pollution in urban landscapes and questions the interconnectivity between human kind and natural world and its potentiality of social change.

Nathalie Hunter is an artist, master herbalist and permaculture designer. Her work deals with reconnecting people with nature, the seasons, their own nature and neighbourhood. Sustainability. Transition.
This is done through a variety of mediums according to each specific project.
The problematic imposes its outcome and ranges from collaborations with organic farmers to wallpaintings, drawings on paper, walls, windows and foraging walks followed by shared cooking / plant medicine making.

Roeland Samson  is professor at the University of Antwerp. His research deals with environmental and urban ecology. He especially focus on the interaction between vegetation and atmosphere in urban environments, especially the effects of air pollution with a focus on particulate matter (PM). He considers plant-atmosphere interactions from two sides, the effects of vegetation on air quality and the effect of air quality on the urban vegetation. Last year he initiated, and was promotor of, the AIRbezen-project in Antwerp.

Steven Desanghere (vredesactie vzw)

Maarten Soete programer in Vooruit working in the field of city and transition.

(im) possible futures


In the city of Celje:

Center of contemporary Art of Celje:

Maja Antončič: Curator