Action #6

On the distance from a room to a tree and vice versa

As the outcome of a joint brainstorm, we decided to write a letter and drop it in all the mailboxes of the street where they live. The intention of this action is to raise awareness on the place of nature in our lived public and private space. In a poetic manner the letter invites to reflect on the proximity of urban nature and its possible relation with the addressee’s living room. It is the story of a tree and a chair, wherein thoughts about spatial organization, coexistence and ecology are written down in a gently absurdist fashion.

Write a letter
The letter will be in an envelope.
Possibly some objects (a leaf? A piece of wood?)
will be added to the letter in the envelope.
Post in every mail box in the street



Action #5

On garbage pollution

We walked through the neighborhood and Mathew gave me an insight of parallel situations happening in his environment. Major concern was the garbage coming from the market and the dumping of garbage around every tree in his street.
Duo to the urban architecture structure of his street,  the wind is bringing all the garbage from the market. Therefore, sometimes the street becomes a stream of flying papers of all kinds.
As a matter of fact together with his neighbors, Mathew has tried to create a solution for the dumping garbage on the trees, by creating a garden island, a small garden around the tree to prevent the garbage around. This small action was subsidized by the municipality, and they have worked together with an landscaping architect to research on durable plants. However the final action was done by them selves.
By listening to his stories utopia came in the format of individual actions in which  change is carried by their own hands.

Make stickers to help people understand better the complex garbage system
Spread in the neighborhood






On plastic straw waste

The idea of “strawfree Gent” came with a simple action to raise awareness on the uncontrollable consumerism of unnecessary straws with beverages.  The aim is that, in a long term, the city of Gent would reduce the consumerism of plastic straws.  Important to point out is that this action’s goal is to raise awareness about the smallest actions in daily life, where almost no one notices the big impacts these small actions have in the world.

Facebook page
contact the restaurants and bars




On lack of Nature

When we first met in the garden talks, she was one of the only person, who specifically told about the lack of nature in her street. Her home is located  between a cluster of cement buildings. The missing feeling of trees, green and water. In terms of environment there is no nature. As an outcome of our meeting, and also to solve the garbage dumping problematic, we decide to bring Nature to her street and the plan was to get Roses, search for their symbolic meaning and to make her street more beautiful.

Plan: Construct wooden vases Plant 6 tree roses in the street

Material: wood, soil, roses, drill, nails, cement, water,


ALESSANDRA.jpgalessandra 2



On noise pollution  

The roads along the canal in Bussels are a constant flow traffic which resembles a yelling scream that never stops. The busy life of a city and the factor time is present in the form of aggressive sound waves from people that are constantly running and wishing to arrive as soon as possible to a desired destination. While deciding what could be done, Greet shares that it shouldn’t be a didactic action and nether to point a problematic. She believes that change comes with positive actions and with the wish of making the neighbourhood a better place to live by enhancing the beauty of it.


Make a counter sound wave, louder then the noise of the cars.

Find a sound designer  to record nature landscape find

8 suboofer

Ask 8 houses in the neighborhood to set the sound Play all at the same time 16h 30

Material: 8 suboofers

Map kanal greet


On environmental destruction

Caroline showed me the recent action which she was involved.
As an outcome of new development plans from Gent, the city plan to build a gate to let new boats come into the city. In order to happen, they plan to make  entire excavation of the all river site, and this means to loose partly the existent flora and animals who cohabit in this river, and not to say that the tides of the river will disappear.
As an action they have set a banner to make the neighborhood aware.

De Shelde blij(ft) met getij. (The Shelde happly preserves its tide)
That day our action was to take off the banner duo to political reasons.



We live in a society where most of people would like a change, but most of them only dream  about someone  changing it. We are part of  a society which is consuming more then ever, without having the notion from where the products come from, what is inside the product, what are the beneficial properties of food, where the pollution comes from, which kind of pollution is the air, water and soil, who is the responsible?
The idea is to collaborate with a local activist/environmentalist and facilitate performances/actions through interventions in the public space. To investigate, and create models of interdisciplinary which facilitates environmental awareness.    With activistic approach we would like to awaken the sleeping society, engaging them in collective actions, bridging the power of artistic interventions and activistic strategies of  implementing actions.

–  we create social political interventions, yet  with a  pedagogic revolutionary approach to  raise awareness on pollution in the city and its impact on human health. .

–  we choreograph  actions  together with the community: aiming  strategies to raise  awareness and  strength the relationship between people and nature.Final small